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Parution des n° 38 de TV- Langues anglais Collège et Lycée-Post bac

vendredi 10 février 2017, par Élisabeth PRÉVOST-KABORÉ

La revue nationale audiovisuelle des langues et des cultures
Collège - Lycée / Post-bac

Pour rappel, tous les collèges de Côte d’Or ont eu de nouveau la possibilité en 2016-2017 de s’abonner gratuitement à TV-Langues Anglais, Allemand, Espagnol, Italien (Abonnement financé par le Conseil Général).

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Sommaire ANGLAIS Lycée/post-bac n°38

1 The English language is changing
2 Children need to be more active
3 Are fitness trackers really beneficial for weight loss ?
4 Disabled Access Day
5 New national living wage starts today
6 Plastic microbeads to be banned
7 Superbugs
8 Decline of tortoiseshell butterfly
9 End of free charging for electric cars
10 Digital detox
11 Bar blocks phone signal
12 French, German and Italian leaders discuss challenges facing the EU
13 Dublin’s first Busker Fleadh

Sommaire ANGLAIS Collège n°38

1 The importance of vitamin D
2 Children need to be more active
3 Two young dancers take part in Ballet Ireland The Nutcracker
4 Indoor rowing race at school
5 Learn about protecting habitat and keeping water sources clean
6 Problems students face at school
7 Bar blocks phone signal
8 Budget 2017 to be announced
9 Celebrations for World Animal Day
10 How the Battle of the Somme made Northern Ireland
11 A new exhibition centre to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising
12 Irish Hot Air Balloon Championships
13 Ireland candidate to host the 2023 Rugby World Cup
14 The death of Anthony Foley