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Assistants d’anglais en Bourgogne

Friday 24 June 2016, by Élisabeth PRÉVOST-KABORÉ


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Welcome to Burgundy!

In this page, you will useful information to survive among us !

Being a language assistant

The website where you’ll find all the necessary information._

Le carnet de route de l’assistant
In French, English, Spanish and German.

- Language Assistant manual
by Clare Lavery, (Teaching English, British council/BBC)
"The Language Assistant manual was written as a guide and handbook for novice English language teachers taking their first steps into the classroom. It is packed with tips and useful ideas."
You can read a few pages here

- Language assistant (British Council)
The place to find up to date tips, suggestions and teaching materials for the ELT classroom.

- Assistants in France
Blog created by an asssistant

- Guide for English Language Assistants in France
Part 1: The Application | Acceptance E-Mail | Waiting
Part 2: Figuring out your Arrêté de Nomination | Obtaining your Visa
Part 3: Packing & Bringing Money | Arriving: The Paperwork Nightmare
Part 4: Teaching Tips & Lesson Plans | Vacations: Travelling
Part 5: Before Leaving France | Staying in France: Renewing, PACSing, Unemployment

- Site langues de l’académie de Dijon
Vous pouvez aussi y trouver des ressources pour vos cours.


To get in touch with other assistants or former assistants :


Sharing a flat :

Sharing a flat is not as common in France as in many other countries and agencies/flat owners are often reluctant. Be careful and read the contract thoroughly - Ask a French adult to check it for you.

_ Finding a flat/room

  • CROUS de Dijon

    Accomodation for students. Usually not for language assistants, but every year a few assistants manage to get a room on campus for the length of their stay (very difficult, impossible if you are not a Dijon University student) or a few days/weeks.

    Information :

    Service Accueil Logement Bourses

    3 rue du Docteur Maret

    BP 450 - 21012 DIJON Cedex

    Tél :

    Ouverture du lundi au vendredi ( 9h – 12h30 et 13h30 – 17h).

_ Housing benefit

Caisse d’Allocations Familiales

To find out if you can get housing benefit.

Going out

Cafés Polyglottes

A nice way to meet people from different countries and practice languages while having a drink...

  • Bar L’Alhambra, 3 rue Marceau de 19H à 20H30 tous les mardis, pour parler français, anglais, allemand epagnol...
  • Egalement un Café Polyglotte à Auxerre :

    Renseignements auprès de PHILIPPE RENARD

    tél (après 19 heures)

Carte culture

For students at the Université de Bourgogne : plays, concerts, exhibitions in the Dijon area for only 5,5€.

Visiting France and Europe


    • Youth hostels (FUAJ)
    • Couchsurfing
    • Chambres d’hôtes (B&B)
    • airBnB renting a flat for a few may be cheaper than anything else if you travel as a group of 3 or 4, and you don’t have to go out for every meal, which can be very expensive in a big city.

  • Trains

    • Return ticket Dijon- Paris or paris-Dijon for only 18€

      Only at the weekend, slow trains, but MUCH cheaper than other trains...

    • SNCF : French trains are usually on time, quite comfortable and fast (TGV), but they can also be expensive. Buying your ticket well in advance and checking several dates and times may reduce the cost.(Billets prem’s)
    • Ouigo tickets

      Low cost trains, but unfortunately not from to Dijon (only to and from Marne-la-Vallée (near Paris), Lyon, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, Avignon, Montpellier, Nîmes...) But don’t forget to check how much it costs to get into the city center! It might not be worth it...

- Tips

Surviving in Burgundy

Better understand France and the French

- Expatica

News and infomation for expats in France.

Expat Blog

- SOS Help

01 46 21 46 46

"SOS Help is a listening service for English speakers in France. Whatever the problem, we are there to take your call every day from 3 to 11pm.

If you are worried, anxious or confused... If you are feeling lonely or sad... IIt may help to talk things over.

Theycan also provide practical information on dealing with problems you encounter as a foreigner in France."

And when you go back home...

Teaching English Abroad: How To Survive Returning Home