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12 years a slave (livre et film)

vendredi 3 février 2017, par Élisabeth PRÉVOST-KABORÉ

Le livre autobiographique de Solomon Northup publié en 1853 a été adapté en film en 2013 par Steve McQueen (II). Il a remporté l’Oscar du meilleur film 2014.

Solomon Northup was a free black living in New York who was lured south, kidnapped,
and sold into slavery. His memoir, written shortly after his escape, recounts the harrowing events of his kidnapping and his dehumanizing and violent treatment as a slave on plantations in the interior of Louisiana where he worked in the cotton and sugar cane fields.
During all those years, Northup looked for a chance to escape and was finally helped by an abolitionist carpenter with whom he chanced to work. With legal documents from the state of New York, Northup was finally freed and was able to bring legal action against his captors}
Autobiographie et film (2h14).