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The Ku Klux Klan

vendredi 1er février 2013, par Élisabeth PRÉVOST-KABORÉ

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Historique du mouvement

History Channel

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- Ku Klux Klan

- The rise and fall of Jim Crow
" Emancipation ended slavery, but not its legacy"

- The Elaine riot : vidéo de 20 minutes

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Ku Klux Klan : A Secret History

DVD ou VHS que l’on peut commander en ligne chez différents distributeurs.

Voir des extraits (YouTube)

Ci-dessous le commentaire d’un internaute sur la cassette :

"This movie brings out the best and the worst in American History. We see the rise of the KKK and the power they once had over minority population. It’s not always pretty to look at but it is something no one can deny. Worth buying ! "

Commentaire accompagnant la cassette :
"THE KU KLUX KLAN : A SECRET HISTORY goes beyond the flaming crosses and beneath the robes to reveal the dark heart of this controversial organization. Authors David Chambers (Hooded Americanism) and Wyn Craig Wade (The Fiery Cross) trace the history of the Clan from its birth in 1866 to the present day. Discover how it has adapted to changing realities and responded to "crises" like the Civil Rights Movement and affirmative action. In gripping interviews C. Edward Foster and Jeff Bary, the Klan’s Grand Dragon and Imperial Wizard, talk about their organization and its ideals, while opponents like civil rights activist Julian Bond paint a very different picture. Rare footage captures Klan rituals and rites, and archival footage chronicles the pivotal moments in the Klan’s long history. From the ashes of the Civil War to David Duke, this is a chronicle of 130 years of institutionalized hatred, violence and ignorance."

The Birth of a Nation (1915)

Film muet avec accompagnement musical

"A controversial, explicitly racist, but landmark American film masterpiece"

Analyse en 3 parties du film sur le site

A brief history of America

Un dessin animé satyrique extrait de Bowling for Columbine qui présente [l’histoire des États-Unis (et du KKK) vue par Michael Moore. (YouTube, 3’14")


Stange fruit, Billie Holiday
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